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Launch January 22

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Lineage II Latins

We have seen the number of players who are looking for servers on a daily basis, and we also know that they are tired of searching and never finding. For this reason we decided to develop this server, which would try to recover the gaming experience we had when Lineage II was all the rage back in 2007.

System Farm [PvP Zones]

At the moment we have created one zone to farm, later we will be implementing more zones as the staff deems it necessary and the players so demand. We believe that it is not necessary to clarify rules since the idea is to play the server with complete freedom, as it always has been.

Free to play friendly

We have developed the server in such a way that it is not necessary to invest money in it. Everything that is on the server can be obtained by trading among yourselves. We do not want a PTW server, the staff can modify the server without prior notice as long as it maintains the essence of it.

Custom Zone

Mitrhril Mines

In Mithrhil Mines, you will find level 70+ mobs, which have modified drops and stats. You should be in these places if you want to get the weapons S or Seal Stones. Remember to bring a Scaby.

En Mitrhil Mines, encontraras mobs de nivel 70+, los cuales tienen drops y stats modificados. Deberas estar en estos lugares si quieres obtener las weapons S o Seal Stones. Recuerda llevar un Scaby.

  • Subclass
  • Event TvT
  • Skins
  • Vote

Subclass Reward


Performing the 3 subclasses will reward you with 3 Marks, which will allow you to request 3 passive skills.

Realizando las 3 subclass obtendras de reward 3 Marks, lo que te permitira solicitar 3 skills pasivos.

Team Vs Team

COMMANDS: /tvtjoin - / tvtexit - /tvtstat

By participating in the event, the winning team will get TvT Coins. Which serve to exchange for items on the server.

Participando en el evento, el equipo ganador obtendra TvT Coins. Las cuales sirven para intercambiar por articulos en el server.

Skins System

You can obtain different aspects, by exchanging TvT Coin - Vote Coin and Donate Coins.

Podras obtener distintos aspectos, mediante el intercambio de TvT Coin - Vote Coin y Donate Coins.

Vote Reward

Once you vote on the links of each website
you must enter the command: /vote.

By collaborating with the server by voting on each ranking, you will get Vote Coins. Which you can exchange for items within the server.

Una ves que votas en los links de cada web
deberas ingresar el comando: /vote.

Al colaborar con el servidor mediante la votacion en cada ranking, obtendras Vote Coins. Las cuales podras intercambiar por articulos dentro del servidor.

Vote System Reward

Make your vote in each link and later return to the game and place the /vote command.

Realiza tu votacion en cada link y posterior vuelve al game y coloca el comando /vote.


To make your donation and collaborate with the server. Send an e-mail to

Para realizar tu donacion y colaborar con el servidor. Envia un e-mail a